There are indoor fields that consist of rooms
   of our restaurant. These rooms present in two buildings which    are located side to side.

   There are outdoor fields as open gardens both in the entrance    and in front of second building.The picture on the left shows    entrance garden.

   The picture on the left shows the garden in front of second    building. Outdoor fields have service capacity for 300 persons
   at the same time


   Birthday, wedding day, engagement day celebrations,    company meetings and private food organisations are
   made in our resturant.

    Erbil Fish restaurant is a unique place with its comfort,    gardens, fish menu and hospitality for the families and children. If you would like to host your guests at your home with sea food menu, erbil fish restaurant is your reliable sea food provider; You can order cooked or uncooked fish, snacks and side orders minimum 30 minutes before actual delivery time.

In order to reserve your place, organize your large food organisations and package sea food orders, just contact with us via e-mails below; - -


We have wholesale and retail fish sale service. We sale about more than 40 kinds of fish as fresh & frozen.

You should submit your order minimum one week ago for on time delivery. Please visit our sale page for more information about kinds of fish and details offish. you can order frozen fish via e-mails below; -


   There are available live fish and frozen fish, many    kinds of beverages, kinds of snacks and side orders.

   Contct us via e-mails below for your large food    organisation and private celebrations. &

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